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Gallagher Girls Meets Not If I Save You First

I didn’t know how much I needed it until I got it.

As I was tapping my way through Instagram stories this morning, I stumbled upon a surprise from the best selling author Ally Carter. It was an announcement for her latest crossover scene: the Gallagher Girls meet Maddie and Logan!

For those of you not familiar with the books, the Gallagher Girls series is about an all-girls spy school, where Cammie, the main character, struggles with the line between a normal life and that of a spy. She soon gets caught up in secrets that run deeper than she knew. In Not If I Save You First, Maddie’s best friend is Logan, who is also the president’s son. Life seems to take a turn for the worse, however, when her Secret Service agent dad moves them to the Alaskan wilderness. Six years later, Logan and Maddie are reunited, but Maddie can’t forget how Logan cut ties with her and abandoned her when she needed him most.

The crossover scene roughly takes place during the third book of the Gallagher Girls series (Don’t Judge a Girl by Her Cover) and before the start of Not If I Save You First. Ally Carter does warn that it may not be completely consistent with the timeline of events, but she wanted to write it for fun.

I loved seeing the character interactions as the two stories came together. Without giving too much away, my favorite part of the scene is Cammie and Macey’s chat with Maddie. I thought it was really cute and a fun, quick read.

Have you had the chance to read the crossover? What are your thoughts on it? (Please no spoilers for others!)

Until next time, happy reading! ♡


14 thoughts on “Gallagher Girls Meets Not If I Save You First”

  1. I’ve seen the Ally Carter books around but I have never actually read one, however now I am thinking I should pick one up at the weekend. Would you say they are aimed at young teenagers or the older 16+ teenagers? I read a lot of YA but I try to steer clear of the stuff aimed for younger teens xxx


    1. Ally Carter’s books are somewhat in the middle. I think the first and second book of the Gallagher Girls series seem more along the lines of something for younger teens, but the series begins to go down a different path around the third book. Without giving away spoilers, the plot to the first book is a bit misleading to what the entire series is after it. Maybe see if you can borrow a copy from your local library first?


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