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Bookish Playlists: July 2019

Hey everyone!

I cannot believe that July is already at an end. It feels like summer just started! Or maybe that’s because my June was filled with cloudy weather…

Playlist: Night Court II (cate.fenner)

Although I have not read A Court of Thorns and Roses yet, I fell in love with this playlist. It is the second in a series of Night Court inspired playlists by cate.fenner, and it makes for a perfect addition to a night of getting lost in your thoughts.

Some of my favorite songs from the list include:

  • Eyelids (Saro)
  • Closer (Lemaitre, Jennie A.)
  • Habits of My Heart (Jaymes Young)
  • Tied Down (Jaymes Young)

Until next time! ♡


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