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N.E.W.T.s Readathon 2019 Wrap-Up

Hey book lovers!

August has come to an end, along with the N.E.W.T.s exam season.

Hosted by the lovely G, a.k.a. Book Roast, this readathon begins in April with O.W.L.s exams and returns in August for N.E.W.T.s exams. This year was the second year for the readathon itself, but it was my first year participating. The community was very welcoming, and I had a lot of fun matching reads with the prompts. This is definitely a readathon I will be returning to next year. If you want to check out the rules for yourself, you can follow the link here.

I chose to follow the Librarian career requirements for this year. Although I did not complete the 7 N.E.W.T.s needed, I did complete 4 books within the month of August.

History of Magic
⚯͛ A – Read a fantasy –> Tower of Dawn by Sarah J. Maas

⚯͛ E – Read a book that includes a map –> Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J. Maas

Ancient Runes
⚯͛ A – Ehwaz (partnership): Read recommended by a friend –> Alex, Approximately by Jean Bennett

⚯͛ E – Book written in past tense –> Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier, translated by Anthea Bell

Life can be busy and chaotic, but the readathon helped motivate me to continue reading. Although I may not choose the same career pathway, I am hoping to complete more of the prompts next year.

Did you take your N.E.W.T.s exams? I would love to hear about what you thought of it.

Until next time, happy reading! ♡


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