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Prepare for the Supernova Readalong – Week 3 & 4

Supernova is 16 nights away!

Thursday, October 24 will mark the end of the readalong portion of Fierce Reads’ Prepare for the Supernova events. Although I wasn’t able to keep entirely on schedule, it was fun connecting with other fans and talking about theories for the last book in the trilogy.

And now for my favorite fanart finds!

I am huge on girl power, and I love how gia.artxoxo drew the Renegades girls so beautifully. If Renegades became an animated/graphic novel series, this would be the standard.

When I first saw this, my immediate thought was how awesome it would be if this became a special edition cover of Renegades. I think itme.z captured Adrian’s image perfectly, and it’s so hard now for me to see his character any other way.

This painting by bryceb_art takes my breath away. The detail in the flowers, vines, and broken tree trunks bring this scene to life, and I love how the star in the statue’s hands seems to really glow. It captures the mystery behind Nova’s dream, but it also feels like the calming escape from reality that Adrian and Nova use it as in Archenemies.

What are your thoughts on Renegades and Archenemies so far?
Don’t forget to share some love with the amazing artists!

Until next time, happy reading ♡


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