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Bookish Playlists: The Renegades Trilogy

Welcome Renegades and Anarchists!

With the release of Supernova only a week away, I thought it would be fitting to revise and add to my Renegades bookish playlist in preparation for the finale.

First, a quick recap for those who are new or returning after a long break (no spoilers, I promise):

  • The Renegades are a group of superheroes who have brought peace after years of chaos.
  • Nova hates them for what they did (or didn’t do) and wants vengeance.
  • The Anarchists used to rule and brought prodigies (those with super abilities) out of the shadows. Now, they are ex-villians who are shunned by society.
  • They are not as dormant in activity as people think.
  • Adrian is a Renegade who believes in justice, but he is no longer sure if the Renegades are completely effective anymore.
Click here to check out the playlist!

When creating bookish playlists, I try to include songs that remind me of the book’s plot, characters, and setting. Some songs come to mind easily (*ahem* Renegades by X Ambassadors), but others are only added after I take a deeper dive into the lyrics.

There were two main things that directed me while making my Renegades-inspired playlist: superheroes and Nova & Adrian’s growth. Both focuses kind of go hand-in-hand since the two main characters try to figure out their own views on society and the superheroes that govern it. Nova and Adrain’s romance also played a big part in choosing songs for the playlist because their alter egos are enemies (talk about complicated, right?).

My playlists are always growing and changing with time. If you have any suggestions on what songs I should add, let me know!

Until next time! ♡


2 thoughts on “Bookish Playlists: The Renegades Trilogy”

  1. Great post! I still need to read this series… I still also have never made a playlist for a book before. I always feel like I just don’t have the capacity to do it and will therefore make the lamest playlists haha 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! ❤️ And if you decide to try your hand at creating a playlist, don’t worry too much about making it perfect. I felt the same way when I first started (sometimes still do). Just remember to have fun with it!


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