ARC Review: My Last Summer with Cass

My Last Summer with Cass book review header

Megan and Cass grew up joined at the brush. Every year, their families vacationed together in Michigan, where the girls relaxed by the lake and created art – from scribbles as toddlers to sophisticated portraits in their teenage years. Megan was always cautious, and Cass was always rebellious. But together, each summer, they grew as artists and friends. The summer after her junior year of high school, Megan arranges to stay with Cass and her mother at their apartment in New York City. Suddenly Megan’s world explodes into color. The girls begin collaborating on a piece that pushes both of their artistic boundaries, one that will be showcased in a local gallery show. But when a secret comes to light and one of them crosses a line, will their friendship be able to survive?

Title: My Last Summer with Cass
Author: Mark Crilley
Publisher: Little, Brown for Young Readers
Expected Publication: March 2021

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Rating: ⭐ 3/5

My Last Summer with Cass is a story about friendship and growing up.

Megan and Cass come from different backgrounds, but they both love art and their summers together. Since they were little girls, the two childhood friends grew their skills as artists and collaborated on pieces. As the years pass, however, their different personalities and outlooks on life begin to put them at opposite ends.

I loved the art style in this graphic novel! The ARC copy provided to me is a black-and-white version of what will be published, so I’m excited to see the panels in full-color. I also felt the panels did well on capturing important details in the story, allowing the plot to flow well. The pacing was a bit fast in my opinion, but this is understandable considering the graphic novel is a quick, standalone piece.

Both Megan and Cass’ characters were pretty well-developed in the short amount of time I spent with them. It was easy to see the motives behind each girl’s actions, and I felt their characters were relatable to the high school me of the past. For example (and with minimal spoilers), gaining your parents’ approval of your life goals is something I think lots of teens can relate to. Reading this story will be a hopeful reminder to them that the friendships they hold will help them through the tough times.

Overall, I found this to be a fast and cute read. If you’re looking for a quick story about friendship and growth, this graphic novel is for you!

Until next time, happy reading! ♡


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