5 Essentials for Your Shadow and Bone Netflix Night

We are less than two weeks away from the release of Netflix’s Shadow and Bone, and I’m so excited to see the Grishaverse come to life on the screen.

For those who know me, my excitement for movies and tv shows usually leads me to planning a themed night to celebrate. Of course, Shadow and Bone is no exception!

Here are 5 essentials to making your Shadow and Bone night a success:

1. Snacks

This one should really come at no surprise. Whether you decide to have simple munchies or a Nina-approved waffle feast, snacks are ALWAYS the most important. After all, how can you face the Shadow Fold on an empty stomach?

A gold colored box of Ferrero assorted chocolates
For me, chocolate will absolutely be present!

2. Decorations

As someone on a student’s budget and who isn’t the most craftiest person in the world, your decorations don’t have to be on the same level as that of a ball. Adding a few touches of Grisha “magic” here and there, however, can be fun. Personally, I’ll be using fairy lights, flowers, and paper cut-outs. This is also the perfect time to show off my Grishaverse merch, like my Fierce Reads Grishaverse passport. Oh, and don’t forget the book stack!

My Grishaverse passport ♡

3. Grishaverse-approved attire

Unfortunately, I do not have a kefta in my closet (yet!). I do, however, have a lovely Ketterdam sweatshirt from CollegeBookcore’s Etsy shop. I absolutely love their designs! Aside from Ketterdam, they also have other design options for those who would prefer to rep Ravka or a certain privateer.

Please keep in mind that there could be delays if you are ordering for the show’s release, especially for international orders. U.S. and Canada orders have a fair chance of arriving in time, but try to be patient as there could be unforeseen factors involved.

4. Music

This one might seem weird for a Netflix night, but hear me out! As you are decorating and grabbing your delicious snacks, wouldn’t it be great if you had a playlist to match your hyped energy? I personally have found so many great Spotify playlists inspired by Shadow and Bone as well as Six of Crows. I also have my own Six of Crows playlist from when I first read the duology.

The first 10 songs on my Six of Crows playlist

5. Blankets and pillows

Now is the time to get comfy and settled into your favorite spot because chances are you won’t be moving for a few hours. It gets cold in Ravka and Ketterdam, so make sure to grab your favorite blanket and pillows.

Will you be watching Shadow and Bone on April 23? What are your plans for release day?

Until next time, happy reading! ♡


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