Calling all Lunartics: #CyborgMonday, New Cover Art, and More!

Monday was an exciting day for the Lunartics fanbase. Sure, it was Cyber Monday. Yes, there were lots of sales. Most importantly, though, it was the 8th Annual #CyborgMonday!

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Netflix Announces Shadow and Bone Casting!

The long-awaited casting announcement for the upcoming Netflix series Shadow and Bone has got Grishaverse fans screaming for episodes.

See Leigh Bardugo’s announcement tweet here
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Gallagher Girls Meets Not If I Save You First

I didn’t know how much I needed it until I got it.

As I was tapping my way through Instagram stories this morning, I stumbled upon a surprise from the best selling author Ally Carter. It was an announcement for her latest crossover scene: the Gallagher Girls meet Maddie and Logan!

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Bookish News: Grishaverse Comes to Netflix!

Last Thursday, the YA book community was abuzz with exciting news. Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse will be coming to Netflix! The eight-episode season (hopefully the first of many) will be titled Shadow and Bone and combines the stories of both Shadow and Bone and Six of Crows. In terms of the story timeline, the first season is book one of Shadow and Bone and book zero of Six of Crows.

I was at work when I saw the announcement, and it took every ounce of my self-control to not jump up and squeal. Trust me…it was hard. The Six of Crows duology was my doorway into the Grishaverse and introduction to Leigh Bardugo’s writing. She quickly became one of my favorite authors. With this in mind, I am both excited and nervous to see what the Netflix adaptation will bring. I understand that some aspects will be different and that there might be difficulties during the book-to-screen process. However, I have hope that Netflix will do their best to bring the stories alive.

Now, moving onto a HUGE question…

Who do you think should be casted?