Frequently Asked Questions

Although I do not have answers to all the mysteries of the world, I can answer some of the questions I get asked most often.

Do you accept book review requests?

Yes! As a full-time assistant to a publisher, however, I limit the number of book requests I can accept. Check out my book review policy for more details.

What genre of books do you review?

I prefer YA (young adult) books, especially fantasy. Please refer to my book review policy for more details on my tastes in books.

May I use or feature your content in my blog or personal content?

Yes, BUT please get permission from me first. I would like to know what my content is being used for in order to avoid any misunderstandings. Plus, I would love to see your content too!

Are you active on any other platforms?

I am mostly active here on my WordPress blog and on my bookstagram account (wolfrosereads). I also have a Twitter, but I don’t use it as much.